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The Billycart Gallery website is experiencing some technical issues whereby it cannot showcase any of the photos that have been uploaded from its exception which I apologise.

As a result it is hoped that this website will be revamped to improve its image in the near future so please be patient and/or log onto this facebook page,!/groups/147109005365617?ap=1 


The goal for 2014 and beyond is to maintain and provide all visitors of this website heaps of information on what is happening within the ranks of billycarting.

At present the information covers some upcoming events from some parts of Australia, an insight of who has put it all together and a photo gallery which has plenty of different shapes and sizes of billycarts.

The establishment of a Facebook Page has also been established so feel free to check out this link!/groups/147109005365617?ap=1





On Sunday the 19th of May 2014, billycart enthusiasts from across Tasmania will again tackle Memorial Drive in Geeveston for the right to be crowned the Wayrapattee Billycart Champion.

Check out the following information on this link below !!!



Geeveston Billycart Derby and Fun Day

Sunday 18th of May 2014

Memorial Drive

Geeveston, Tasmania

Log onto,!/pages/wayraparattee-Child-and-Family-Centre-Geeveston/227594580664143 


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